Common Questions

Questions and Answers by Susan Torbin, President

Q: I am not knowledgeable in financial issues. Will I feel comfortable working with you? 
A: Typically people feel very much at ease working with me. I am low key, and I try to explain issues on an easy-to-understand level. I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated.

Q: What should I expect when meeting with Susan? 
A: I usually try to get a feel for what your objective is before we get together, so I can better prepare for our first meeting. For example, if you tell me you're not happy with your current investment person, I try to find out what it is you're not happy with.

If, on the otherhand, you're looking to begin the financial planning process, I will ask you to have documents such as insurance information, retirement plan information, estate plan (if any), tax returns, and other documents so that we can discuss this information when we get together. I will have a checklist and will have you organize what you have on the list for this meeting. 

At the first meeting I try to determine, "What are your goals?" I want to know what you'd like me to help you accomplish. Over time, I usually find that there are other goals that have gone unaddressed and I try to help you address those as well.

Q: How often do you meet with clients? 
A: Client meetings are held one to four times per year based upon their portfolio and needs.

Q: How are you compensated?
A: Compensation varies. For those who want fee-based financial planning, I charge $200 per hour, with discounts available for employer groups. After completing the plan, many times people opt to purchase insurance or brokerage products and they will either elect to go with fees, commissions, or a combination of the two. Retirement accounts will be fee-based only.